UK Job Hunting Experience

Looking back, I embarked in this journey about a year ago. As my uncle kept on insisting me to pass my application in my current agency, just few weeks after passing my one-year mark at work, I followed him like an obedient niece.

I passed my application around late afternoon sometime in February 2016 and I was scheduled immediately for an interview the next day. There’s quite a number of applicants there are I seemed to be the youngest in the bunch. The NHS Trust that interviewed was based in Wales. I felt confident that I’ll pass since the flow of the interview is quite good and they didn’t interrogate me a lot. Then I came back to Puerto Princesa and continued with my work. I received the news about a week after that I didn’t pass. I felt bad a bit but thought that it isn’t my time yet to be abroad.

A month after, I received another text from my agency that I’m shortlisted for an interview for another Trust. Since I’ll be off duty during those days, I decided to try my luck again. So yeah, I spent money for airfare and 2N3D stay.

I woke up early for interview and went there just before they opened the building but I finished my interview past 1PM. I was quite outraged (internally) since I was one of the earliest humans there but they accommodated those who came late than me.

Well, we had an English and Nursing exams when we entered the holding area in the morning. I wasn’t able to finish the essay that I was writing then. Then I also listed my name for the Surgical Ward category (I’m not into Pedia, and I’m too anxious with the ICU setup) since they told us that we can choose where we want to be.

But heck, the biggest mental breakdown I ever experienced happened during that fateful interview. The getting to know you part is totally easy but when they started asking me about that scenario about a patient with the following symptoms, your objective data, the ECG reading, and meds, my head totally flipped. Bruh, I was screwed! Good thing, their follow-up question was about Chest Drains, so I felt confident again. (Do not underestimate my Lung Center training! 😂) I was able to answer the questions immediately. Yas! Then next was about addressing concerns with your co-nurse, and I was able to answer it correctly.

When I went out, my agency’s staff gave me some pens and I thought that even though I won’t pass, atleast I got some souvenirs. I went home really down. Since I felt that I won’t pass, I decided to buy new scrubs for work (the ones I was wearing are all uncomfortable).

I went back again to work and buried myself in it without thinking of the results. I also had to endure some work problems so I wasn’t expecting some good news .

One night after my PM shift, I checked my emails and found out that I passed! I immediately told Mommy about it and she was really happy.

It took me a while to decide whether to resign in my work or not since I have to dedicate some time for review. I asked for my long-time supervisor’s advice (she handled me since I entered the hospital) before I finalized my decision.

Thinking about those days of uncertainty, life totally moves in mysterious ways. I didn’t plan about this in 2015 but here I am now 🙂 I think I wouldn’t make it without my family’s support and God’s guidance of course. It feels great to share this story after a long time. I’ll post my IELTS and NMC experiences soon 🙂

10 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Date A Nurse

Thought Catalog

1. They’re natural caretakers

And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Nurses take care of people on a daily basis, it’s our job. If you get injured or get sick, you best believe that we would know what to do. We’re reliable in that sense.

2. .. and are compassionate

We are truly and genuinely concerned about you. I like to think that compassion is that “little extra” that makes us shine. We bend over backwards for the people we care about and give our 101%. It’s all or nothing. There is no halfway when it comes to this.

3. Keep calm and carry on

Nurses know how to think rationally during a crisis, and it’s infectious. It doesn’t specifically pertain to medical emergencies. If you were to ever panic about something, we can help calm you down with our super calming nurse powers and help you through…

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10 Mildly Weird Things Overthinkers Do When They Have A Crush On Someone

This is 100% TRUE.

Thought Catalog

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time on my Tumblr dashboard, reading and reblogging posts. Majority of them include posts of links like “21 Signs You Have a Chance With Him” and “10 Signs It’s Love.” I read those for fun, mentally counting the number of items that apply to me but not really believing them. And then, as I was walking home today, I thought of making my own list. This time, instead of writing vague general descriptions, I’ll try to write realistic and specific ones.

Note: I don’t guarantee that these same signs would apply to anyone else.

1. I’d be nice to you, a little too nice, but you probably won’t notice because I’m making sure that I’m not too too nice to you. In my head, I’m calculating the amount of niceness I’d offer you because a) I don’t want to be obvious, b) I…

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MYX Slam Jam 08.14.2014

 Last Friday, I attended the FEU leg of MYX Slam Jam. Gahd, I waited for them to drop by at FEU in my entire college life! Any, I really enjoyed the even since it featured some of my favorite bands that I really loved in high school. It was my first time seeing 6cyclemind and Mayonnaise and my third time with Spongecola.

At first, I was with the Sports guys (Justine, Ryniel, Lance), Kuya Tud, and Jess, but later on, only Kuya Tud and I remained. Haha, we started watching at the back, yet we found ourselves in front of the stage during 6cyclemind’s performance.

Haha, here’s some of my shots during the event. As usual, I took crappy shots again. 🙂



Look at those blue lights! That’s Tutti and 6cyclemind! 

I really loved when he sang Alapaap by EHeads, and then said “Gusto nyo bang… magchampion?” 🙂 Haha, well, we didn’t know that he was from FEU Diliman. 😀


Yael Yuzon went closer to the crowd and he balanced himself (with the help of the guards) while standing at the steel fence!


FT Island- I Hope You Were My Lover

“I want this song to be played in my wedding!”

Honestly, that was the first thing that entered my mind when I first heard the song. It was in Korean, but I don’t care, it’s melody captivated me. This song was composed and sung by one of my favorite Korean bands, which is FT Island. 🙂 It’s other title was Be My Girl. If you happen to read the song’s english translation, you will definitely feel kilig. Haha. 🙂

Coincidentally, this song was also performed in a wedding! Haha, well it’s for the program We Got Married (a show which features the life of fictional newlyweds which were headlined by celebrities), when FT Island’s frontman Lee Hong Ki became a part of the said

Haha, I don’t have any plans yet to get married. I haven’t even met my husband to be 😀 But it’s not that bad to dream about your future wedding, walking down the isle while this song was being played in the background. 🙂

Watch their live performance here 🙂

(It melts me whenever I hear Hong Ki’s husky voice. Huhu.)